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Taillepied/Summers, A Treatise of Ghosts, 1933(?)

Taillepied/Summers, A Treatise of Ghosts, 1933(?)

A TREATISE OF GHOSTS Being the Psichologie, or Treatise upon Apparitions and Spirits, of Disembodied Souls, Phantom Figures, Strange Prodigies, and of Other Miracles and Marvels, which often presage the Death of some Great Person, or signify some swift Change in Public Affairs Written in French by the learned FATHER NOEL TAILLEPIED, of the Order of Capuchins, and now first translated into English, with an Introduction and Commentary by MONTAGUE SUMMERS Try the spirits if they be of God I S. John, iv, I THE FORTUNE PRESS 12 Buckingham Palace Road LONDON


Gray cloth with faded gold text on spine. Red and black title page. Deckle edges. Binding cracking in several gutters. Clean and bright throughout. 263 pages. (Apparently published 1933)