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Ussher Chronology Annals Of The Old And New Testament Latin 1722

Ussher Chronology. Annals Of The Old And New Testament. Latin, 1722 .

The famous Ussher chronology. 1722 Latin edition of his Annals of the Old and New Testament.Annales Veteris et Novi Testamenti,A Prima Mundi Origine Deducti.Una CumRerum Asiaticarum et AegyptiacarumChronico,A Temporis Historici PrincipioUsque ad Extremum Templi et Reipublicae Judaicae ExcidiumProductio.Jacobo UsserioBishop Jacob Ussher dated the first day of the creation of the world to October 23, 4004 BC. While others (Lightfoot, Calmet, Scaliger) made similar calculations, Ussher’s was the most widely accepted and was reproduced in the margins of numerous editions of the KJV Bible for over a century.Folio. Hinges cracked but holding firmly by cords. Original brown full calf binding, with scattered scuffing and chipping of leather. Internally clean, bright, and tight. Frontispiece of archbishop Ussher. Full title in black and red ink.